The final journey

"To Burro, I leave my hair styling kit - May your demon-infested moustaches always twirl. To Buliwyf I leave my jewellery kit - it's not gold, I know, but it does sparkle."

Lauralai signed the letter and blew the ink dry before folding in neatly in two. A blob of wax and the impression of her signet sealed the note. To Andromache, The Shattered Ravens she added on the outside. She sighed and stood, hooves clattering on the tiled inn floor. She didn't care for this place - Blood Watch was a ramshackle haven founded not long after The Landing and never seriously developed. Certainly not like the great cities she'd seen elsewhere on Azeroth. The island was beautiful though, hence her decision to come here.

She pushed aside the doorflap and stepped into the crisp pre-dawn air. A hint of frost twinkled on the ground and her breath misted. She sighed again, twisting the note between her fingers. There had been some hard decisions to reach this point but the future was inevitable.

Steeling herself, she pushed the letter into the mailbox. The postgnomes would see it safely to its destination. She was committed. A second note went to young Mani who would be taking over her duties - a letter of credit and details of the storage chests.

A last look around the quiet village, she blinked back tears from her eyes then transformed into wolf form. She sprinted through the fields, nocturnal bears and insects fleeing from her path. She relished the wind on her face, the crunch of grass under her paws.

She burst from the undergrowth onto the fringes of the beach. A cluster of naga were circling fifty yards away but she had a clear path to the shoreline. The sea shone as dawn approached; she'd arrived just in time.

Transforming back to her native form, she looked back at the wooded hillside, then out over the sea to the dragon island. She smiled. Good times, she thought. She steeled herself and prepared to greet the dawn. The sun broke over the horizon. A fiery path to the distant havens?

Lauralai took a step forward, the water lapping on her toes. Would it hurt? She uttered the incantation:




* * *


Lauralai, my shaman alt from BC days logged off for the last time last night. I'd hardly played her during Wrath and have a hankering for a Worgen in Cataclysm so needed to make a space. I contemplated moving her to a second account but at level 24, with only 100 points of professions, it was probably more cost-effective to just create a new character. Despite not playing her much recently, it was still a little jarring to kill off a character I've had for three or four years. She's been something of a feature, serving as deputy quartermaster for my associated guff (which another character will now look after, Andro having spent an hour or so crafting new bags last night).


It might not be the end of things either - I might create a gobbo too so will need another slot. I have someone in mind, but as my next batch of characters are lvl 35 or so, killing them off is a less appealing prospect. I do have a cunning plan in mind though ...


Ah, some of Team Leafy are for the chop as well.I suspect that my baby space goat shaman will be replaced by a dwarf one, and my dwarf hunter will be replaced by a Worgen Druid (feral).

I know how you feel! I'm in the process of deleting a banker alt that I thought meant nothing but I'm having difficulty doing it. I never play her and all she does is hold my bank guild but she's so old she has a Private title... from when you could pvp and actually get ranks.

Great story though and a very nice way to say goodbye to a character.

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