A vicious circle

The Raven's haven't done much raiding in Wrath, and its beginning to look like we're not going to. As a small guild, we've always struggled for numbers but in recent weeks in particular it's been an issue due to the general case of 'WoW ennui" and a dearth of players. As a result of this, one of our healers decided to go and play with his friends (ex-Ravens) in a raiding guild on another server, and now another player (albeit a less active one) has decided to move his healer toon to join the same group.

I fully understand why they want to do this - they actually want to progress rather than idle, but in doing so life has become somewhat harder for the Ravens - we're rather short of healers (and, oddly, ranged DPS at the moment). It may to a degree be irrelevant as getting even 10 people together (let alone 10 people of the right class) is proving a challenge.

 If I'm brutally honest, I'm half expecting a couple of others to head off too, which'll totally scupper any plans for raiding. We'll have to see ...

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I think we're being hammered from multiple sides right now. There's a lot of real life issues keeping people out of the game right now, and that's a side-effect of being an older guild. We, on the whole, have more responsibilities.

Still, Dale is back, which gives us an extra raider, and we have a few tracking towards 80. And it might be worth reaching out to those who aren't on the mailing list much, like Liz or Glenn.

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